The African-American Male Initiative (AAMI) from the University System of Georgia, also referred to as GT-PRIME at Georgia Tech, is an Institute- and state-supported program to provide academic resources, mentoring, and leadership training to support the enrollment, retention, graduation, and career placement of black males at Georgia Tech.

AAMI is designed around five dimensions of development: Purpose and Ambition, Identity Bonding, Mentoring and Modeling, Visionary Leadership, and Social Engagement. The program provides a uniquely critical service for the Georgia Tech community. Retaining innovative talent is a global priority to meet the demands of a culturally diverse, technologically-enhanced, and environmentally responsible society.

When AAMI was launched at Georgia Tech in 2011, the average GPA of black males was 2.62, compared to the non-black male average GPA of 3.2. In 2014, the average GPA of the AAMI freshman cohort was 3.43, compared to the non-AAMI black freshmen male average GPA of 3.04 and non-black freshmen male average GPA of 3.40.

We meet these aims through culturally responsible freshmen orientation programs, peer/alumni mentoring, tutorials, resource support, and professional/identity development. AAMI has employed targeted initiatives for African-American males that have aligned with an overall increase in AAMI participants’ academic performance.

AAMI offers programmatic initiatives from summer to spring semesters at Georgia Tech.  

Through AAMI, students can:

  • Develop a network of peers and accountability partners to support academic, professional, and personal goals.
  • Meet key African-American male leaders in STEM and STEM-related fields, such as community development, art, law, policy, business, entertainment, and more.
  • Engage in workshops and seminars tailored toward their unique social location and professional aims.
  • Create and cultivate mentoring relationships with corporate representatives, faculty, staff, alumni, and graduate students.
  • Develop and executive personal five-year vision plans.
  • Produce a continuous increase in GPA performance trends.
  • Hold key leadership positions on campus (e.g. president of student organizations, President’s Scholars, GTBAO Scholars, Student Ambassadors, and Challenge Counselors).

Seek to become the best version of yourself while contributing towards communal and global needs. Join AAMI today!