Mikayla Alves

My name is Mikayla Alves and I am a current graduate student here at Georgia Tech studying Electrical Engineering. I am so excited to be joining the OMED team as Career Graduate Assistant. I have had experience with numerous internships, fellowships, research experiences, and scholarships. I have received the SMART scholarship, Gilman Scholarship and have worked for the United Parcel Service. I hope to use my experiences to help you become more comfortable managing your career path! I am offering office hours twice a week and individual appointments for those that need more one on one time.

Augusto Chang

My name is Augusto Chang, I am currently a Sophomore from Lima, Peru, studying Industrial and Systems Engineering focusing on Data Science. I am part of SHPE as the Chair of the academics and exploring the Start-up world as part of GT Venture Capital. Some advice from me is to pursue any potential entrepreneurial idea you may have, there are awesome resources at GT, and remember, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

Julian Dudley

My name is Julian Dudley. I am currently a freshman, majoring in Aerospace Engineering. I am from Conyers, GA, a small town on the outskirts of the Atlanta metropolitan area. I am the President of LDR, a freshman ran organization with the goal of creating a safe space for black students here at Tech. Throughout my first semester of Tech, I have been able to learn the importance of networking. Always make genuine connections with everyone you may come across because you never know the importance they may have in your life down the line.

Najma Noor

My name is Najma Noor, and I am a Junior Computer Science major at Georgia Tech. I am an American-born Somali from DeKalb County. I currently serve as the LDR Chair for the Georgia Tech Society of Black Engineers. I am passionate about helping others succeed. I have experience with software engineering internships and mentoring programs. I am so excited to be joining the OMED team as a Career Pathway Champion. Some advice I would give for professional development is being confident in your abilities and learning how to sell yourself to others. 

Rachael Onyewuenyi

Hello everyone! My name is Chi Chi Onyewuenyi, and I am a graduating senior majoring in Biomedical Engineering Pre-Med. My family and I are originally from Nigeria but I was raised in Gwinnett! I love meeting new people and connecting with others, especially through food! I’ve been blessed to have received a couple of opportunities to intern and research in many spaces. The most extensive advice I could give in obtaining these positions is networking and leveraging your skills! You are more than capable of attaining any position or opportunity you want. You just have to be advantageous and rely on the resources that Tech has provided!