AAMI (African American Male Initiative) Student Assistant

The African-American Male Initiative (AAMI) from the University System of Georgia, also referred to as GT-PRIME at Georgia Tech, is an Institute- and state-supported program to provide academic resources, mentoring, and leadership training to support the enrollment, retention, graduation, and career placement of black males at Georgia Tech.

Career Pathway Champion

This position serves as an assistant to OMED’s Corporate Relations Manager in conjunction with the OMED DEI Career Pathway  Graduate Assistant, and the Career Pathway Initiative (CPI).  

The holder of the position will provide promotional, administrative, and event support of assigned program(s). 

This position will interact, support, and assist on a consistent basis with the academic and administrative management and staff with a school or center and across campus, vendors, and sponsors. 

Challenge Counselor 

Challenge is OMED’s signature academic preparation program. It is a five-week intensive program that is held every summer for incoming freshmen. In Challenge, students are immersed in the Georgia Tech environment; they live in a freshman dorm, take classes provided by Georgia Tech professors, and participate in social and academic workshops provided by upperclassmen.

Challenge Counselors are a significant part of the Challenge program. Challenge Counselors reside in the dorms with Challenge participants. Challenge Counselors serve as role models, peer mentors, and campus success coaches to incoming freshmen and assistants to OMED staff throughout the five-week intensive summer program.

Challenge Community Manager

The Challenge Community Manager (CCM) is the primary live-in staff manager of the Challenge program residence halls and is responsible for the oversight and supervision of all Challenge Counselor duties and responsibilities.  The CCM, also serves as the point of contact for all “day of” vendor relations and managing the overall participant experience in the residence hall.  Additionally, the CCM is charged with providing our diverse group of students with a community in which they can live and learn comfortably and develop to their highest potential. The CCM facilitates a safe and diverse community environment conducive to academic and personal growth while reflecting the mission and philosophy of the Challenge program, the Office of Minority Educational Development, and Georgia Tech. 

Edge Leader 

Edge is a year-long peer mentoring program designed to support incoming students – both freshmen and transfers – during their first year at Georgia Tech. Incoming students are paired with a successful upperclassman, or Edge Leader, who serves as a peer mentor and offers support to help new students acclimate academically and socially during their first year.

Office Assistant

Primary Customer Service Representative (CSR) for the organization with a predisposition that every customer inquiry can and should be solved with the first contact.  Problem solving is an absolute must! It is always necessary to maintain a professional posture in all dealings due the unofficial designation as OMED’s face and voice.  Also assists OMED staff with program/event needs.  

OMED Tutor

OMED Tutors are the driving force behind our broad Academic Support resources. Tutors are highly motivated graduate and undergraduate students with a desire to positively impact their campus community.

OMED Tutors (or study session facilitators) work predefined hours each week, either in Clough Commons Room 277 or the Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion’s Chapin Building (681 Cherry Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30332).

Peer-I-Scope Ambassador

Peer-I-Scope is OMED’s newest peer collaborative that supports 2nd and 3rd-year students, Achieve Atlanta scholars and transfer students. Peer-I-Scope aims to assist students in thriving within the academic and cultural environments of Georgia Tech while expanding their scope of influence and inclusion.