OMED Career Pathway Program

The Career Pathway program is designed to advance equity in employment and experiential learning opportunities for all Georgia Tech students. This program provides a multi-tier career development strategy:

  • Scale partnerships with employers, alumni, and community networks accessible to students through the 3-week Career Immersion Program focused on applying, interviewing, and securing job offers.
  • Career peer-to-peer coaching and programming under AAMI, Challenge, and WOCI.
  • Scale work or service-based learning experiences valued by prospective employers
  • Enhanced career tracking and networking professional database model with Georgia Tech career service center
  • Establishment of a 2-year Career Alliance at Georgia Tech initiative.

The Career Alliance @ Georgia Tech 

The Career Alliance @ Georgia Tech is an initiative designed to ensure full and equal access to career readiness experiences for all Georgia Tech students.

This program augments existing efforts to prepare students for careers by providing focused support to students who have not received sustained career preparation support or have faced historical institutional barriers that hindered their full participation and preparation for success in today’s competitive job market.   

This effort was inspired through Georgia Tech’s participation in the Taskforce on Higher Education, where 34 academic institutions are collaborating to prepare our nation’s most vulnerable students and graduates of 2020-2023 for success and stability in the post-pandemic economy.  

This effort will identify and engage students to ensure they have a range of career readiness experiences including: 

  • Experiential learning opportunities such as internships, co-ops, student assistantships, and on campus employment related to their desired field 
  • Coaching, counseling, mentoring, shadowing, and networking resources 
  • Personal branding trainings  
  • Professional development pathways   
  • Social engagement and personal development  
  • Job search support through alumni and employer engagement 
  • Other services as needed 

Georgia Tech is taking this opportunity to put our new strategic plan into action; to achieve our goals of expanding access and amplifying our impact by ensuring all our students have structural pathways to contribute to technological advancement and improving the human condition across a range of industries and sectors