Apply for Challenge

CHALLENGE 2020 is postponed until July 2020. Applications will be accepted from mid-January 2020 through early-May 2020. You will be able to apply through your Georgia Tech Admissions portal, once you receive your acceptance notice. Please select the "Summer Options" button within your admissions portal environment.

We are delighted that over 100 students have already applied to be a part of the Challenge 2020. Last year, we reached capacity and some applicants were not able to attend. We expect this year to be the same. Therefore, if you are interested in Challenge 2020, you should apply as soon as possible to secure a spot.

We will communicate any fee changes to you as soon as humanly possible. Challenge will still cover classes, labs, housing, trips, planned activities, health services, and other costs. The Challenge fee has remained $500 for over 17 years. This year, our Challenge 2020 hybrid model may adjust our program fees. Your program fee is a small portion of the cost of the per student  cost of over $3000.  A major consideration in our decision making was the high correlation between Challenge participation and Fall semester performance. Here at Georgia Tech, the OMED office is committed to student success and we do not want anyone to miss out on this opportunity due to cost. We hope you will choose similarly by applying to attend Challenge, today!

As of now, the Challenge fee is postponed so do not let that program fee affect your decision to apply.  You may apply to multiple summer options. Upon an invitation to join, you will have to select only one. Join over 20 years of Challenge alumni in choosing Challenge! Be on the look out for additional information and a phone call from current students about Challenge. 

*Please note: A small number of sponsorships are available to cover the program fee for students that demonstrate significant financial need.