Georgia Tech African American Male Initiative

 AAMI/ GT-PRIME is an institute and state supported program aimed to cultivate innovative talent through targeted cultural and gender-base initiatives. It is designed around 5-dimensions of development: Purpose/Ambition, Identity Bonding, Mentoring & Modeling, Visionary Leadership, and Social Engagement. AAMI provides a uniquely critical service for the Georgia Tech community. Retaining excellent innovative talent is a global priority, required if we are to meet the demands for a culturally diverse, technologically enhanced, environmentally responsible society.

Participants in AAMI:
•    Develop a network of peers/ accountability partners to support academic, professional, and personal goals.
•    Meet key African American male leaders in STEM/STEM related fields, community/community development, art, law, policy, business, entertainment, and more. 
•    Engage in workshops and seminars tailored towards their unique social location and professional aims. 
•    Create and cultivate mentoring relationships with corporate representatives, GT faculty, staff, alumni, and graduate students 
•    Develop & execute personal 5-year Vision Plans
•    Produce a continuous increase in GPA performance trends
•    Hold key leadership positions: such as Mr. GA Tech, President of student organizations, President Scholars, GTBAO Scholars, Ambassadors, Challenge Counselors, and more 

Upcoming events
  • June 30, 2017 - AAMI sponsors "Connections: Hip-Hop and Social Justice", Ferst Theater for the Arts More
  • September, 15-17, 2017 - AAMI Fall Men of Distinction Conference (save the date)
Seek to become the best version of yourself while contributing towards communal and global needs. Join AAMI today!!!