What is Challenge?

Challenge Brochure

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Challenge is OMED’s signature bridge program. It is a five-week, intensive program that is held every summer for incoming Georgia Tech freshman. In Challenge, students are immersed in the Georgia Tech environment; they live in a freshman dorm, take classes provided by Georgia Tech professors, and participate in social and academic workshops provided by upper-class Tech students.

During the five weeks, Challenge students take core courses that simulates a typical students’ freshman year – Calculus I or II, Chemistry, Computer Science, and a Seminar. The courses are taught in the same manner, and pace, as a real Georgia Tech course. This allows students to become familiarize with Georgia Tech academics as well as understand mistakes and pitfalls that may occur in their first year. Students will not receive credit for the courses taught in Challenge. The experience of taking these courses early is where the true value lies.

Historically, students who participate in the Challenge Program graduate at a higher rate and with superior academic performance than their non-Challenge counterparts.

•Challenged Learning – the opportunity to attend Calculus I or II, Chemistry, Computer Science, and Freshmen Seminar classes taught by Georgia Tech faculty and staff. Skills-based instruction focuses on those areas that commonly cause problems for the entering freshmen in these classes. Students are tested and will receive grades on their academic performance.

•Challenged Living – the opportunity to live in the dormitory and attend classes with other Challenge participants. This fosters a close network of friends on campus prior to the beginning of fall semester.

•Challenged Lifestyle – the application of time management and study skills. A full course load, evening workshops, social events, and study sessions are all in a day’s schedule that students learn to master in Challenge.

•FUN – Field trips, social workshops, whitewater rafting, sports, corporate interactions, Atlanta events, team building activities, and much more.


Housing for 2016

The Challenge dorms for Summer 2016 is Harrison on East Campus – boys and girls are on separate floors with key access only to your floor.  We will not receive individual room assignments from GT Housing until early June.  For details on the dorms, go to http://housing.gatech.edu/halls/Pages/Building-Detail.aspx?bldgID=014 and you can see a 360 degree view of our dorms.

The Challenge program pays for the $1250+ Housing cost for our participants.  All students are required to pay an $80 Housing application fee the first time they live on campus.  Because Challenge is your first time, you will see this $80 Housing application fee sometime in May or June.  However, when you make your fall Housing $600 prepayment, the $80 assessment will be released the first or second week in July and it will go towards the $80 application fee.

Challenge does not take roommate requests because we encourage everyone to meet new people.  Challenge is a residential program which means that all participants are required to live in the dorm.  Participants can have visitors, go home, or see friends in Atlanta as long as they are in class each school day and attend any activities on the weekend that they sign up for.


What furniture is in my room? What should I bring with me to my room?
Please see “Items to Bring

What are the sizes of the mattresses?
Mattresses are twin extra long (Twin XL, 80 inches long).

Are microwaves, refrigerators and other appliances allowed in the residence halls?
Microwaves using less than 10 amps of power and refrigerators no larger than 4.5 cubic-feet are allowed in the residence halls. Appliances with exposed heating elements are not allowed in the residence halls (e.g. toasters, toaster ovens, space heaters, etc.).