Meet OMED Challenge Counselor, Edge Leader, Tutor, and Ambassador Renee Copeland

What is your connection to OMED? How has it impacted your experience at Georgia Tech?

I started my involvement with OMED in the summer of 2013 with the Challenge program. Then, I participated in the Team Coach (now Edge) program, and because my Team Coach was so great, I became an Edge Leader myself. Similarly with a great Challenge experience, I became a Challenge Counselor in 2016 and 2017. I have also been an OMED Ambassador and Tutor, tutoring organic chemistry.

OMED has helped to make my Georgia Tech experience. It has provided me the support that I have needed to succeed at a rigorous institution at Georgia Tech. I can also say that over the years, my mentees have helped to shape my future career goals and passions. I have grown so much as a person, and I don’t think the growth would be so significant if it were not for the programs and people here at OMED.

What social and academic advice would you give to students at Georgia Tech?

Work hard, play hard. Start off your time at Tech strong, so later, you can have fun. Make sure you are focused in the first week; the professors are pouring the foundation for your success in the first semester. After the first week, remain focused on your academics throughout your first and second years. Guard against distractions that may come like parties and getting over-involved before you even have a GPA. Strong academic performance in that first year allows a buffer for a later semester with poor academic performance. Most importantly, even though you are focusing on academics, make sure you are making time for yourself, whether that be working out, reading, or anything else that you may enjoy.

What is your favorite thing about Georgia Tech?

My favorite thing about Georgia Tech is the community. Everyday I’m on campus, I’m surrounded by some of the brightest students in the world who will go on to become engineers, educators, politicians, etc., and being surrounded by them just motivates to me to be my best.

What are you involved with on campus, and why?

I have held several leadership positions during my time on campus, including:

  • Vice President of the Women’s Club Soccer Team: Being on the soccer team has provided an outlet for me to relieve my stress.
  • TORCH Chair for the Georgia Tech Society of Black Engineers: I became passionate about how I could positively impact the community around Georgia Tech through community service initiatives and programs.
  • President of the Black Student Recruitment Team: I loved my experience at Georgia Tech so much that I wanted to share my love for Georgia Tech with prospective students.
  • Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK) Initiatives Chair: Joining ODK has allowed me to connect with so many campus leaders and implement initiatives to increase inclusion of all students on campus.
  • Biomedical Engineering Student Advisory Board: I wanted to serve as a voice for minority students in the biomedical engineering and provide a different perspective to the department.
  • Undergraduate Research in the Center for Drug Delivery and Development: I have an interest in drug development, so I have been able to develop new methods of delivering drugs through the skin that are typically taken by mouth.