Current Students

Our students set the standard for what the next generation can accomplish with a high-quality education and community support.

OMED offers the following programs to support current students at Georgia Tech:

  • AAMI Provides academic resources, mentoring, and leadership training to increase the enrollment, retention, graduation, and career placement of black males at Georgia Tech.
  • Academic Support – Provides study sessions, guided group study, and concept classes to students year-round.
  • Edge – Offers support from upperclassmen who serve as mentors to assist first-year students academically and socially.
  • Student Ambassadors – Engages students to serve as strong OMED advocates for current and prospective students and their families, faculty, staff, alumni, and strategic partners and supporters. 

Edge is a year-long peer mentoring program designed to support incoming students – both freshmen and transfers – during their first year at Georgia Tech. Incoming students are paired with a successful upperclassman, or Edge Leader, who serves as a peer mentor and offers support to help new students acclimate academically and socially during their first year.