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AAMI is designed around five dimensions of development: Purpose and Ambition, Identity Bonding, Mentoring and Modeling, Visionary Leadership, and Social Engagement. More

Academic Support

Drop-in tutoring services are offered via Bluejeans, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from 2 PM- 7 PM. More

Welcome Carnival

While enjoying food, fun, and music, students have the opportunity to engage OMED Academic Support Staff,  Edge leaders, student organizations, and others to help them quickly gain a diverse academic and social network. More


Challenge is OMED’s signature summer five-week academic residential program for incoming first-year students. More

Career Pathway

OMED's Career Pathway Program is designed to advance the employing of Black and Latinx students in STEM fields, with particular consideration for a post-pandemic economy and job market.


Edge is a peer-mentoring program designed to support incoming students – both freshmen and transfers – during their first year at Georgia Tech. More


OMED's newest peer collaborative to support 2nd and 3rd-year students, Achieve Atlanta scholars, and transfer students. More


The Transitions program enables incoming graduate students and dual-degree/transfer students to learn about opportunities for engagement with OMED and it's various initiatives. Hear from and network with current URM graduate students. More


OMED's Women of Color Initiative (WOCI) is aimed to enhance the advancement of women in industry, research, and higher education through targeted research-based strategies. More

Campus Resources

Ethics Point confidential and secure reporting system where our students can confidentially and anonymously reports various student-related matters, including discriminatory behavior/harassment.  See:\

Additional Tutoring and Academic Support

Tutoring and Academic Support offers 1-to-1 tutoringdrop-in tutoring, and peer-led study sessions for many courses on campus. Additionally, you can boost your success with academic coaching, an individual meeting with a professional coach to enhance academic skills, gain confidence, and improve performance.

Thrive @ GT

GT Wellness Hub provides a new health and well-being resource for our students. This provides a new health and well-being resource for our students called Thrive@GT. Through the program, Georgia Tech students now have access to a wellness portal, which will provide them with additional resources and support in their mental health and well-being journey.