Career Alliance 3-Week Immersion: Frequently Asked Question

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Question: If I am graduating in Spring 2021 and I have not secured a job, can I participate in Career Alliance?

Answer: Yes 


Question: If I am taking summer courses, can I participate? 

Answer: Yes. However, you cannot be enrolled in more than 7 hours during the Career Alliance 3-Week Immersion Summer Program. 


Question: What is the cost to participate in this program? 

Answer: Currently, there is no cost associated with participation in the 3-Week Immersion program. Career Alliance will incur cost on behalf of all participants. There is a cost associated by the Institution and Career Alliance will take on that cost. 


Question:What are the dates for the program? 

Answer: May 16-June 5, 2021 


Question: Do I have to reside in the dorms to participate in this program? 

Answer: Yes, you will have to reside in an east campus dorm. You will also receive dining dollars to accommodate meals.  


Question: How many hours do I need to commit to the program? 

Answer: Participants are required to participate in up to 6 hours per day in workshops, complete homework and peer coaching sessions. Plus, attend the evening/weekend career immersion sessions. 


Question: I am majoring in this area. However, my passions are in a different area. This is why I am having a difficult time finding an internship/job. Would this program assist me with this issue? 

Answer: During the Career Alliance program, participants will identify their careers and passions, build upon those and own their career path. Participants will receive 1-1 professional coach mentoring sessions and other sessions that will assist them with identifying ways to align their passions with their majors and careers.