As part of Institute Diversity’s Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion, OMED: Educational Services is charged with the retention and development of traditionally underrepresented students: African-American, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, and Multiracial. However, our programs and initiatives are open to all Georgia Tech students.


To successfully transform today’s gifted yet inexperienced student into tomorrow’s promising leader.


To create and maintain a culture of academic and inclusive excellence, empowering students to be proactive learners and problem-solvers.


OMED offers the following programs:

  • Academic Support Services – Provide study sessions, guided group study, free 1-1 and drop-in tutoring, ILARC, academic coaching and concept classes to students year‐round.
  • African American Male Initiative (AAMI) – Provides academic resources, motivation, mentoring, and leadership training to support the enrollment, retention, graduation, and professional development of Black/African American men at Georgia Tech.
  • Challenge – A 5‐week summer residential academic program for incoming first‐year students; designed to strengthen student success academically, culturally, and professionally.
  • Edge – Offers support from upper‐class peer mentors to assist first-year students by hosting mentor-mentee sessions, workshops, advocacy and outings throughout the academic year.
  • Focus – A 4-day immersive program designed to attract and recruit the nation’s best and brightest diverse students to pursue graduate studies and careers in academia.
  • PeerIscope ​– OMED's newest peer collaborative to support 2nd and 3rd-year students, Achieve Atlanta scholars, and transfer students; as well as expand their scope of influence and inclusion.

  • Transitions – Enables graduate students and dual‐degree/transfer students to network with peers, faculty, and staff during their first week of orientation to Georgia Tech; as well as obtain important information about diversity resources available.
  • Women of Color Initiative (WOCI) – An Institute (and city-wide) collaborative aimed to enhance the advancement of women in industry, research, and higher education through targeted research-based strategies for advocacy, accountability, cultural awareness, leadership development, collaboration, recognition, and cultivated student-driven productivity spaces.
Awards and Recognitions

OMED offers the following awards and recognitions:  

  • Tower Awards – An annual ceremony that celebrates the academic achievements of underrepresented minority students who have achieved a 3.15 GPA or higher.