In 1979, Georgia Tech created the Office of Minority Educational Development (OMED). Over four decades, OMED has demonstrated outstanding success.

Our second decade saw a paradigm shift. Focusing on how gifted our students were – else they would not have been accepted into Georgia Tech – we began to raise expectations for student performance. We directed our attention toward the educational process and became OMED: Educational Services. We have adopted a data-driven, quality approach toward the business of education with students being identified as “customers.”

In 2019, we launched our 3rd shift under new leadership. We have broadened the scope and impact of our research, services, and programs to serve the ever-growing and more diverse Georgia Tech Student population. Our holistic approach to student success and development has garnered over several Insitute-wide initiatives bringing together academic, student life, career, financial aid, and community to serve greater higher educational aims of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

A diverse workplace can only be achieved and maintained by a commitment to innovative and sound philosophies that strategically produce successful sustained partnerships and academic performance.

The Chapin Building has housed OMED: Educational Services since 1979. Recently renovated, the Chapin Building is located on 681 Cherry Street NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0600.