AAMI Student Assistant

Job Title: AAMI Student Assistant


Reports To:  Dr. Sybrina Y. Atwaters – Assistant Director, Outreach Initiatives

Basic Functions:  

  • Assist OMED staff in regular office duties.
  • Assist with implementation and execution of student programs.
  • Assist OMED staff in gathering and disseminating information.
  • Provide information to AAMI participants, either in person or via telephone/social media.
  • Serve as a role model and a source of information for all AAMI participants


Must maintain student confidentiality. All student information and program background/data details are to be held in strict confidence.

  • Collect and distribute information on current and upcoming programs/events, particularly pertaining to AAMI and AAMI initiatives.
  • Assist in the coordination, planning and execution of all OMED-AAMI program events.
  • Assist with mass mailings and major copying efforts
  • Must be available and accessible to OMED during normal working hours and AAMI program event hours.
  • Must be familiar with Georgia Tech’s Academic Honor Code.
  • Provide perspective and matriculating Georgia Tech black male students with accurate and vital information about academics, the Georgia Tech environment, and leadership experience.
  • Be knowledgeable of all Georgia Tech & OMED policies and procedures (general in nature).
  • Make a commitment to earn a semester GPA of 3.0 or better.
  • Attend all meetings designed by the supervising OMED staff member.
  • Carry out tasks as outlined by supervising OMED staff member within the given time period
  • Maintain continuous communication with the OMED Partnership.
  • Adhere to the training and the policies of OMED’s Program.


Must have at least a 3.0 GPA.

  • Must be a Georgia Tech Sophomore or higher (30 or more credit hours).
  • Must be an enrolled student and/or Co-op or Intern (in the metro Atlanta area).
  • Must have initiative, be pleasant, enthusiastic, and have a genuine concern for other student’s success as well as the success of OMED and AAMI programs.
  • Demonstrated leadership and/or peer mentoring experience.
  • Must be able to function in a TEAM environment assuming various roles.
  • Must be able to apply your full attention on the job during duty hours.
  • A resume must be submitted along with application.




The starting student salaries for OMED are:

$10.00/hr.                    Undergraduates Students

$10.00/hr.                    Federal Work Study

$12.00-$15.00/hr         Graduate Students

WORK HOURS:Students will work daily, evening, as well as weekend hours, but no more than 15 hours per week, depending on their schedule and OMED/AAMI needs.