• OMED provides free academic support services to ALL Tech undergraduate students. Make Tutoring requests using the Form below.


    •  OMED Office is located in the Chapin building. The OMED Office is open for study and as an academic resource Sunday through Thursday 8 am to 8 pm, Friday 8 am - 5 pm.
    • Fall/Spring Study Sessions with academic assistance are held in OMED (Monday -Thursday, 5 pm-8 pm) and in Clough (Sunday - Thursday 6-10pm). Summer tutoring hours are 5 pm-8 pm.
    • OMED maintains a computer/study lab with both PCs and MAC computers, small group study rooms with displays and whiteboards. 
    • Individual and group study sessions available at all times per student request)
    • Spanish-speaking tutors are available for all courses
    • Quiet study areas available upon request, 9 am - 8 pm (Friday 8 am - 5pm)
    • Periodic Fall/Spring term Review Sessions for common courses, including CONCEPT CLASSES
    • OMED tutorial staff comprised of Doctoral, Masters level, and upperclassman students who have excelled academically, several of whom are former Teaching Assistants or are seeking careers in research or academia
    • To find out more about some of our current tutors, view the Profiles by clicking the tutor names on the Schedule
    • OMED supports and encourages the full utilization of the OTHER TUTORING services offered on campus


Academic Support Program: under the OMED Guided Group Study program, you and a group of your classmates can have a course-specific tutor meet with you at times that you designate for the duration of the semester. This program is flexible enough to allow you to select the tutor, in the instance that you know of someone that already works well with your group. Be sure to take advantage of this and our other Academic Support services.


Academic Support Program: CONCEPT CLASSES are topic-specific review sessions offered by OMED tutors, graduate students and select faculty members at regular intervals. Informed by periodic discussions with faculty teaching the course, they allow students a valuable “second look” at the material. Concept Classes are currently offered for CS 1371, Math 1551, Math 1552 and Phys 2211.


Academic Support News & Notes:

Unless otherwise noted, OMED Study Sessions will be suspended for campus holidays, breaks, and emergency closings. The StudyGroups and individual tutor sessions may proceed at the discretion of the students and tutors.
Congrats to our recently graduating tutors: Gustavo Salazar

For more information on the programs listed above please contact Jarrad Reddick