New Students


Incoming freshmen? Challenge is a five week, intensive program held for GT freshman. Athletes have a preseason, could a freshmen athlete skip preseason practice & games then start? NO. The rigor, intensity and need for a solid team is why you need an academic preseason. Challenge combines academic, social, professional and corporate activities to ensure your success! Learn more at


Edge is a peer mentoring program designed to support incoming students—both freshmen and transfers—during their first year at Georgia Tech. Incoming students are paired with a successful upperclassman, or “Edge Leader,” who will serve as a peer mentor and offer support to help new students acclimate academically and socially during their first year.

Offered by OMED: Educational Services, the Edge program strives to help students develop and refine strategies for a successful college experience. In addition to networking with experienced Georgia Tech students, Edge participants will have the chance to:

Set goals and strategies to get the most out of their college experience.

  • Learn about available resources on campus.
  • Participate in study sessions, study groups, and academic workshops.
  • Discover scholarship workshops and job opportunities.
  • Discuss study abroad, research, internship, and co-op opportunities.
  • Receive peer and staff advice and mentorship.