Edge Program

Edge is a peer mentoring program designed to support incoming students—both freshmen and transfers—during their first year at Georgia Tech. Incoming students are paired with a successful upperclassman, or “Edge Leader,” who will serve as a peer mentor and offer support to help new students acclimate academically and socially during their first year.


Offered by OMED: Educational Services, the Edge program strives to help students develop and refine strategies for a successful college experience. In addition to networking with experienced Georgia Tech students,

Edge participants will have the chance to:

Set goals and strategies to get the most out of their college experience.

  • Learn about available resources on campus.
  • Participate in study sessions, study groups, and academic workshops.
  • Discover scholarship workshops and job opportunities.
  • Discuss study abroad, research, internship, and co-op opportunities.
  • Receive peer and staff advice and mentorship.




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An “Edge Leader” is assigned to a group of participating students. This coach is an upperclassman who is responsible for helping incoming students get adjusted to their first two semesters. During the school year, Edge Leaders provide help with tutoring, registration, study habits, and a wide variety of first  year issues.

2016/2017 OMED Edge Leaders

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Program manger: Denise Ocasio