Edge Leader Job Description- Application Deadline March 24th

The Edge Program is a year-long peer mentoring program designed to support incoming students—both first-year and transfers—during their first year at Georgia Tech.   This program is designed as an in depth supplemental mentoring program that targets the institute’s underrepresented populations (African American, Hispanic, Native American, and Multiracial.)

This program introduces students to available resources on campus, establishes a network base with returning students, and aids them in achieving their academic goals.  The most important component of The Edge program is the connectivity to incoming students by assigning students a trained, qualified, and successful Edge Leader.



Job Title: Edge Leader

Reports To:  Denise Ocasio, M.Ed. Assistant Director – Retention Initiatives

Primary Functions: Become a role model and a source of information for students.

Assist new students in meeting all academic goals deemed necessary by Georgia Tech, OMED, and each student jointly.

Positively impact the student’s performance financially, socially, and other areas necessary for success at Georgia Tech.

Assist OMED staff in regular office duties.



Provide new incoming students with accurate information about academics and GT environment.

Maintain weekly contact with the students assigned to their team.

Be familiar with the individual student’s situations in their team to assist them properly.

Attend all meetings and activities by the supervising Assistant Director.

Be knowledgeable and adhere to Georgia Tech & OMED policies and procedures.

Assist in the coordination, planning and execution of Edge Programs and events.

Monitor student development and report all occurrences in students’ lives that you deem an emergency situation to the appropriate to OMED staff member.

Carry out tasks as outlined by supervising OMED staff member within the given time period.

Maintain continuous communication with the Assistant Director.



Be at least a sophomore with a minimum GPA of 2.8 at the end of the most recently completed semester and make a commitment to earn a semester GPA of 3.0 or better.

Be able to commit to both Fall and Spring Semesters

Be familiar with the different departments on campus.

Must be familiar with Georgia Tech’s Honor Code.

Demonstrate leadership and/or peer mentoring experience.

Outgoing and sociable student, creative, success oriented, strong initiative and desire to assist fellow classmates, enthusiastic, able to function in a TEAM environment, must be able to apply your full attention on the job during duty hours.



The starting student salaries for OMED are:

$8.50/hr.           Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors

$10.00/hr.        Federal Work Study



10 hours/week Flexible schedule

For more information on the Edge program, Click Here.