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Challenge 2017 will be held from June 24 – July 28.  The Challenge program fee has been $500 for nearly 15 years.  This year, we have reviewed everything and decided to keep the fee at $500 despite significant increases in overall program costs for the department.  

 In addition to the program fee there are a few cost associated with participation. 

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Challenge participants will stay in dorms on Georgia Tech’s campus for the duration of the program. Boys and girls will be on separate floors with key access only to their floor.  We will not receive individual room assignments from GT Housing until early June. The Challenge program pays the $1250+ Housing cost for our participants.  

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Challenge does not provide meals each day for participants. Students have the option of cooking their own meals using the kitchen on each dorm floor, buying meals with a debit/credit card each day, or getting a Guest Meal Plan.

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FASET is an acronym for “Familiarization and Adaptation to the Surroundings and Environs of Tech,” an orientation program for new students, their parents, families, and guests.  FASET is a Georgia Tech required orientation for all incoming freshman. It is separate from CHALLENGE, yet challenge participants do receive a discount for FASET 4.

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CHALLENGE 2017 dates are set!  Saturday, June 24 – Friday, July 28. The application process is under way.  We are expected to accept 100 participants.  Last year, we reached capacity and some applicants were not able to attend. We expect this year to be the same.  Therefore, if you are interested in Challenge 2017, you should apply as soon as possible to secure a spot.

The Challenge fee is $500 for students, yet it cost OMED over $2500 per student to host Challenge. The cost beyond the $500 program fee is provided by instiutitonal, state, and corporate funders. We do not want anyone qualified student to miss out on this opportunity due to cost.

The Challenge fee is not due until after May 19, 2017 so don’t let that affect your decision to apply.  We will notify applicants of their acceptance status with the program April 10th through June 10th.


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Over the past 5 years, challenge students who FULLY ENGAGED in the program had an average fall first semester GPA of 3.58. Yes that was not a misprint…3.58!!! The GT majority population freshmen average was approximately 3.30. Comparatively, eligible students that chose not to participate in Challenge average GPA was 3.07. Learn more about Challenge and Apply Today!



Challenge is often referred to as “The Ultimate Academic Pre-Season”. Georgia Tech accepts some of the brightest students in the world. Attending the Challenge program allows students to get a glimpse of the academic rigor and competitive nature, early. By “practicing” how to handle this environment, Challenge students will be better prepared in the Fall. Why start Tech without a preseason?


Courses & Activities

Challenge students are immersed in the Georgia Tech environment; they live in a freshman dorm, take courses provided by Georgia Tech professors, and participate in professional, academic, community, and social workshop activities. Click below to learn more about Challenge Courses & Activities.

Applicant Details

Challenge 2017 will be held, June 24 – July 28. Here you will find essential details to help you plan for your participation in this year’s program and aid in your successful transition from home to Georgia Tech’s campus.