Challenge Courses & Activities

Challenge Science

Course Number: CHEM 1310 & 1211k
Course Name: Chemistry I
Description: Chem 1310: Fundamental laws and theories of chemical reactions. Topics include atomic structure; bonding theory; Stoichiometry; properties of solids, liquids and gases; chemical thermodynamics; electrochemistry; and kinetics.

Chem 1211k: Chemistry for majors requiring a minimum of three semesters of chemistry (BIOL, BCHM, CHBE, CHEM, EAS, MSE, etc.).

**There will be an in class lab once a week**

Computer Science

Course Number: CS 1371
Course Name: Computing for Engineers
Description: Foundations of computing with an introduction to design and analysis of algorithms and an introduction to design and construction of programs for engineering problem-solving.

Course Number: CS 1321
Course Name: Intro to Computing
Description: Foundations of computing with an emphasis on the design, construction, and analysis of algorithms. Laboratory-based instruction to computers and software tools


Freshmen Seminar

Course Name: Freshman Seminar
This course is designed to enhance students’ ability to critically analyze and effectively communicate through various communication forms, related to higher education. Students will address topics such as: Critical analysis of written, oral, visual, electronic, non-verbal/numeric communication; Effective Academic Presentations, Winning Resume Writing, Technical Writing, Leadership Skills, Career Planning and more


Course Number: MATH 1551 & 1552
Course Name: Calculus I and II
Description: Calculus I: Differential calculus and basic integral calculus including the fundamental theorem of calculus and Taylor’s theorem with remainder.

Calculus II: Concludes the treatment of single variable calculus, and begins linear algebra; the linear basis of the multivariable theory.


Team Building


There is no “I” in T.E.A.M. Some may argue that there is no “WE” either. We have all been in situations in which we have felt both ways about the subject of TEAM. Whichever way you look at it, team building is an essential ingredient in success at Georgia Tech and life in general. 



Professional Development


Challenge Participants are presented with several professional development workshops sponsored  by leading corporations and facilitated by outstanding corporate representatives. In the past students have had one-on-one engagement with BP, Proctor & Gamble, 3M, John Deer, Bechtel and many more.

Personal Development


During the Challenge Program, students will be exposed to various opportunities to learn more about “SELF”.  The next 4 or 5 years while students are matriculating at Georgia Tech  (6-7 for some) will be filled with experiences that shape and challenge many ideals and values. Students will change and these changes will be the result of many things. A significant component of Challenge is personal development.



Over the past 5 years, challenge students who FULLY ENGAGED in the program had an average fall first semester GPA of 3.58. Yes that was not a misprint…3.58!!! The GT majority population freshmen average was approximately 3.30. Comparatively, eligible students that chose not to participate in Challenge average GPA was 3.07. Learn more about Challenge and Apply Today!



Challenge is often referred to as “The Ultimate Academic Pre-Season”. Georgia Tech accepts some of the brightest students in the world. Attending the Challenge program allows students to get a glimpse of the academic rigor and competitive nature, early. By “practicing” how to handle this environment, Challenge students will be better prepared in the Fall. Why start Tech without a preseason?


Courses & Activities

Challenge students are immersed in the Georgia Tech environment; they live in a freshman dorm, take courses provided by Georgia Tech professors, and participate in professional, academic, community, and social workshop activities. Click below to learn more about Challenge Courses & Activities.

Applicant Details

Challenge 2017 will be held, June 24 – July 28. Here you will find essential details to help you plan for your participation in this year’s program and aid in your successful transition from home to Georgia Tech’s campus.